Antonette Golikidis - Product Business Mentor

Product Business Mentor 

Imagine you’ve traveled to a new destination and are standing in a crowded airport terminal awaiting to find your connecting flight. There’s no service desk, no signage, and no flight schedule overhead. You know where you want to go, but you don’t know which path to take, what gate it’s going from or what time it’s leaving. It’s stressful and confusing!

Much like this analogy building a brand can actually make you feel the same. 

My name is Antonette Golikidis, I’m a business owner, I’m an educator and product business mentor.  I have this deep passion for helping people who feel lost and out of control with their product business.  I am my best when I can help other business owners build their confidence, brand, and their income as a result.

Building my business was the most transformational time in my life. Learning to value myself and be sustainable in business changed my entire world. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners transform their business and I want to teach you to receive money in equal exchange for your craft and own your path with certainty and conviction and walk towards what you value most.

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