We are inspired to develop high quality, exquisite skin care and beauty collections.

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Custom Cosmetic Solutions

Our promise is to source the finest Australian ingredients and hybrid fragrances, combined with exceptional detail to design, luxury and beauty.

With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic product development, brand creation and scent science our company founders passion is clearly centred around working with different ingredients to create unique desirable products that not only smell delicious but are also capturing the therapeutic benefits of those ingredients to create high quality beautifying Australian products.

Our vision is to continually expand our business activities and to sustain our long-term growth strategy of domestic and international diversification. 

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Our Range

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At ACXA Group We Deliver...


Personalisation of skin care and beauty products and services.


Products for customers who are seeking a premium experience.


Core products offering calm, wellness, balance or re-energising of the body.


A product range that offers an antidote to the pressure of modern life and an avenue for preventive health, anti-aging, and wellness.

Antonette Golikidis

Message From Antonette…

ACXA is all about letting the beauty of what you love be what you do…

Often a small business comes about because we have identified a problem and want to come up with a solution.

A seed is planted in our minds and we begin to nurture and grow our ideas.  At this stage of a business concept, it can go two ways depending on the person.

Option 1 – great idea but too hard to get off the ground – self-doubt about funding the project and taking risks gets in the way

These are the “wish they could but never do personalities”

Option 2 – the fearless person – no boundaries or roadblocks will get in their way, this is the person who will work tirelessly to build upon their dreams

They are the ‘I can do anything personality’ – the true entrepreneurial spirit.

I dare to ask which one are you.

Antonette Golikidis
Director, ACXA Group

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